Luminita and Sistem disappointed after rehearsal

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The Romanian singer Luminita and her backing group Sistem are not satisfied with their first rehearsals, which took place moments ago. During their press conference, they referred to their disappointment several times.

Although the yellow oil barrels that Sistem brought fit well with the powerful red colour of the stage, Luminita's vocal performance was slightly disappointing during the first Romanian rehearsal. Particularly timing appeared to be problematic.

During the press conference, right after the rehearsal, one of the members of Sistem expressed his disappointment about the limited possibility to perform the act they prepared. “We also planned to use pyrotechnics during our act and we still hope it will be possible in the end”, one of the Sistem drummers said. The Kyiv fire department decided to forbid the use of pyrotechnics, which particularly affected the Romanian act.

At the press conference we had the chance to learn more about Luminita and Sistem. She explained that her name means 'little light' and that she's not a family member of Monica Anghel, who represented Romania in 2002 with Tell me why, but that they are good friends!

Luminita sings for about 14 years. “I love to sing, my life IS singing. I prefer pop rock and ballads”, she explained. She is working on the third album and has won seven international prizes. “I hope this will be the 8th one. We came here for something and although I am modest, I really hope for a victory”.

In 1994, 1995 and 2000, Luminita Anghel participated in the national Romanian selections. “When I received a call from the writer of the song, asking if I wanted to try again, I wanted to hear the song first. It's made for the Eurovision Song Contest, but I thought we needed a show. This contest is more than a song contest, so I called my friends from Sistem and after four days they called me and agreed to join”.

The Romanian Head of Delegation answered a question about a possible victory: “I think we are ready now to organise a Eurovision Song Contest for next year in Romania. And even the weather is better than in Kyiv”, he said. However, organising a Eurovision Song Contest takes more than some sunshine…

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