Portugal is 'to be'… or not to be

by Sietse Bakker 49 views

The Portugese singers Luciana and Rui just went on stage for the first rehearsal of their song Amar. On a blue, easy looking stage setting, the singers and their three dancers showed a strong choreography.

The performance starts with a female dancer laying on stage, doing several acrobatic stunts before the lead singers Luciana and Rui join the group to do their choreography. The song looks energetic on stage and the voices of both singers were good from the start.

It took a while before the Portuguese representatives, who became best friends during their preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest, showed up at the press conference. The producer of Amar told the present journalists that the composer and writer didn't dare to attend the press conference. One of the journalists was interested about Portugal's national selection and got slightly disappointed when the producer told him that the Portuguese entry was in fact a project of broadcaster RTP, and that no national selection had taken place.

Another journalist was interested about the name 2B; “The name 2B is just… to be! The whole spirit about love behind the song brought us to this name”, the producer said. However, Portugal can be found at the bottom of bookmaker bets and if we may believe several internet polls Portugal might as well 'not be' this year. But this leads us to another question about polls… are they 'to believe' or 'not to believe'? We will know in about a week!

Another interesting question came from a Ukrainian journalist; “A lot of Ukrainian people live in Portugal, who do you think they are going to vote for: Ukraine or Portugal?” It's probably unneccesary to add that Ukrainians in Portugal cannot vote for the Portuguese entry…

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