Small Walloon delegation left for Kyiv

by roel 70 views

A small Walloon delegation left Brussels National Airport for Kyiv tonight. Traditionally the French speaking Belgians keep it modest. This year's Belgian delegation counts only five members. Before his departure, Nuno Resende expressed the hope that Portugal, the country where he was born, will be supporting him on 'the big night'.

The Portuguese people are very proud that I will be representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest,” the Belgian representative said. “I hope they will be voting for me. Belgium 12 points!” On his part, Nuno Resende is a fan of the Portuguese entry by 2B. “The song sounds very lively, happy and fresh.

Traditionally Belgium's French speaking community broadcaster RTBF is sending a small delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest and this year is no exception. With five they headed for Kyiv tonight. The Walloon delegation includes Nuno Resende, musician Patrick Lemoine, Head of Delegation Leslie Cable, her assistent and one more fellow-worker.

Tomorrow evening, Nuno Resende will be rehearsing his performance on the stage in the Palats Sportu for the first time. In the semifinal of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest he will be representing Belgium with the song Le grand soir.

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