EuroClub party schedule released

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This year's fringe entertainment at the Eurovision Song Contest will be held at and around the Euroclub in Kyiv. The venue is located at the Arena Entertainment Complex, 2-A Baseina street, Kyiv and will be open from 12-21 of May.

Euroclub will be the official lounge area for the ESC 2005 participants, guests, fans and press. The Euroclub is only a three minute walk from the Eurovision Song Contest�s main venue, the Palats Sportu (see the map). The shuttle buses will also run to Euroclub from 20:00 every day.

This year�s Euroclub will consist of Three venues: �Beer House� on the 1st floor of the complex, the �Night club� on the 4th floor, and the big open air stage on the square in front of the Complex.

Every night from 20:00 to 04:00 the 1st and the 4th floors gladly hosts the ESC accredited guests. All of them can attend one of the numerous parties held by delegations or simply have a glass of chilled beer and chat to their colleagues, friends and fellow fans.

The big open air stage on the square offers both large official and special activities for visitors to the Eurovision Song Contest as well as some pleasant surprises every day. Watch the schedule!


Thursday May 12th,� Official opening of Euroclub, 21:00 � 23:00

Friday May 13th, � �Friday the 13th Scary Party�, 20:00 � 22:00

Saturday May 14th, � �Day of Europe�, 20:00 � 22:00

Sunday May 15th, � �Rock�n�roll Day�, 19:00. � 23:00

Monday May 16th, � Official Opening of the Eurovision Song Contest Party, 21:30. � 24:00

Tuesday May 17th, – Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland & Ireland, 18.00 – 20.00

Tuesday May 17th, � Ruslana (ESC04 Winner) Charity Show, 20:00 � 23:00

Tuesday May 17th, – United Kingdom, France, Spain, 21.00

Wednesday May 18th, � �Fashion Day�, 20:00 � 22:00

ThursdayMay 19th, �Semi-Final after-party, 01:00 � 04:00

Friday May 20th, � Surprise, 20:00 � 23:00

Saturday May 21st, � Eurovision Song Contest After-Party, 01:00. � 04:00

At the end of the open air programme you are welcome to proceed with your fun time in the comfortable atmosphere of the 1st and the 4th floor of Euroclub (from 20:00 – 04:00)

The big open air screens by the stage will also go live every day at 12:30, showing previous Eurovision Song Contest finals, so you can wine, dine and relive your favourite Eurovision moments.

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