Ivan & Delfin with Poland's first choreographed act

by Pawel Jurczak 334 views

Ivan & Delfin, the band representing Poland with a song Czarna dziewczyna in the semifinal of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, has prepared a special choreography for their performance. After several months of rehearsing in Warsaw, the band is setting off to Kyiv on Thursday 12th May as their first stage rehearsal is due to take place on Friday. For the first time Poland will have a choreographed entry at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Poland will be represented by Ivan Komarenko (singer & dancer), Lukasz Lazer (guitarist & choir), Wojtek Olszewski (guitarist & choir), Radoslawa Boguslawska (dancer), Aneta Bocwinska-Bartoszuk (dancer), and Gosia Andrzejwska (accordionist, choir).

The choreography, mainly to be presented by Ivan, Radoslawa and Aneta, involves Gypsy dance and use of gestures. Everyone on stage will be wearing white-red costumes, according to the Polish national colours, and some black patterns. Radoslawa and Aneta will be wearing specially designed Gypsy dresses.

Ivan & Delfin assure that their performance will be vivid and colourful as choreography is included. Ivan will sing bilingually in Polish and Russian. The Polish representatives feel very sorry for not having been able to promote their entry Czarna dziewczyna outside Poland but hope to do their best in Kyiv to impress the European audience with their live performance.

Ivan & Delfin will represent Poland in the semifinal of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, to take place on 19th May.

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