Press centre almost up and running

by Sietse Bakker 218 views

This year's press centre is probably the largest Eurovision Song Contest press facility ever built. Up to 600 journalists can work in the marquee tent, which is a former tennis court roof. 300 computers, all running on open-source operating system Linux, are being prepared for the 1,500 journalists NTU expects.

Several companies are currently working on the facilities of the press centre. Printers are free of charge, just like the copiers. There are phones for international calls that work on coins and cards. Cards are available at the press centre too. There are seperated offices for NTU web team, and ICT experts for the computer facilities.

Pigeon holes
For the journalists and commentators, pigeon holes (photo) have been installed. In the upcoming two weeks, these pigeon holes will be filled with press releases, information documents about the participants, singles and other promotion material.

The official opening of the press centre takes place on Thursday morning, right before the first rehearsals take place.

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