Luxembourg: Plastic Bertrand’s new album cancelled

by Yann Messina 1,168 views

Belgian singer Roger Jouret, better known as Plastic Bertrand, who represented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest held in his hometown Brussels in 1987, announced the cancellation of the release of his new album.

Better known for his 1978 worldwide punk-rock hit Ça plane pour moi rather than for his Eurovision entry Amour, Amour almost a decade later, Plastic Bertrand had been working for over a year on a new album in English which was due for release by the end of 2012. The reasons for the cancellation of the album are not officially known. The singer stated on the social media that the project proved too complicated in the end.

Plastic Bertrand has not released any studio album since Dandy bandit in 2008 and many believe it is due to some major legal issues the singer had to face soon after. Since the beginning of his career, Plastic Bertrand faces harsh criticism as many music professionals doubt about him being the true performer of his songs. In 2010, an expert appointed by a court stated that the voice of Lou Deprijck, the composer and producer of Ça plane pour moi, on a record from 2006 is the same voice as on the original 1978 recording. “Today it appears from the report of the experts that the voice of Ça plane pour moi is Lou Deprijck’s voice,” stated the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure. Plastic Bertrand previously disputed the allegation but the singer finally revealed that he is indeed not the singer of any of the songs in the first four albums released under the name Plastic Bertrand.

Nevertheless, Plastic Bertrand keeps working on his music with his own voice, taking part in a project for charity for les Restos du Coeur with the song Notre liberté together with many popular artists from France and Belgium including the 2013 Belgian representative Roberto Bellarosa (see previous article here). Utterly disappointed by the cancellation of his English album, Plastic Bertrand announced to have constituted a new team around him and hopes to release a new song in French in March.