Quiz winners Greek and Spanish promotion material

by Sietse Bakker 160 views

In the last quizzes to take place at esctoday.com before the Eurovision Song Contest weeks, we announce the winners! Did you win the Greek promotion package or the single of Son De Sol (Spain)?

Greek promotion package
The following five participants won a promotion package of Helena Paparizou. Broadcaster ERT will send the material to your addresses:

  • Raúl Mas González (Spain)
  • Christofer Lindsten (Sweden)
  • Rebecca Karlend (the Netherlands)
  • Michael Blesser (Germany)
  • Morten Kaiser Thomsen (Denmark)
  • Spanish single
    The following nine participants won the single of Son De Sol. Their promotion team will send the material to your addresses:

  • Primoz Poglajen (Slovenia)
  • Mike Mars (United Kingdom)
  • Regien Deleu (Belgium)
  • Mats Andersson (Sweden)
  • Jan Bruzelius (Sweden)
  • Jorge Tomas Gomes (Spain)
  • Luis Marco Roig (Spain)
  • Almir Atikovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Luís André Florindo (Portugal)
  • Congratulations with your prize!

    We kindly thank the Greek broadcaster ERT and Son De Sol's promotion team (especially Antonio!) for their efforts!

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