Fan of the Year nominees

by Sietse Bakker 51 views

In co-operation with, is giving a pin frame away to the 2005 Fan of the Year. Since 11th April, hundreds of fans submitted their personal stories to obtain the title prestigeous. We kindly thank everyone for the beautiful stories we received, but only one can win! We took a day to select the best three stories. The winner is up to you! You can vote until Friday 23:59 CET in our voting section. Hereby we present the three nominees in random order:

Why? Why? Why?

Difficult question. I think that everybody will be sure that,he or she should win this title ' Fan of the Year'.
But why me?

I guess it would be better to ask my friends. They think I spend too much time with old songs from different contest. I just cant stop listing Eurosong Song Contest music. I have been a huge fan of the contest since it was celebrated in my country, Yugoslavia. I dont remeber that time well, becuase I was too young, but my daddy was the one who told me that I was dancing in front of tv while Tajci was singing Hajde da ludujemo in 1990. After the war started in Bosnia & Herzegovina, I couldnt watch the contest at home like other fans from other countries from all over Europe. Somehow, my daddy arragned me to vistit local television station to watch the 1993 and 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in their basement. The signal was really bad and it was dangerous to walk trought the city. Thy city was bombed every half hour. When I tink of that now it was one foolish act but if I could turn back time I would do it exactly same. Probably you can't imagine what was going on everywhere but knowing that you could be killed every second. My country (Bosnia & Herzegovina) was competing both years and I just had to see the contest.

So after the war I started to watch the contest for several reasons. One of them was that this is the biggest event for me in Europe, and the other one is that turbo folk music was getting really popular. So I was searching for way out of that music blocked, that is still popular in my country and other Ex-Yugoslav countries.

My collection of Eurovision Song Contest items isn't big; several CD's, postcards and autographs. I haven't been present at any contest ever. The reson is simple: the financial situation in my country. I am still student and I can't afford this luxury. Yes, it is luxury here. Last year I planed to go to Turkey, but in last moment I wasn't able. I pray to God that the contest will take place in an ex-Yugoslav country next year so that I could go for the frist time. Perhaps my dream will come true.

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