French media to follow Ortal in Kyiv

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French media are showing a huge interest in this year's French Eurovision Song Contest representative Ortal. A team of France 2 and music channel MCM France will be following Ortal in Kyiv. Meanwhile is giving away three copies of the French single Chacun pense à soi.

Soon Ortal will be making her appearance in France's most watched talk show Tout le monde en parle, broadcast on France 2. Moreover France 2 will be following Ortal in Kyiv. The TV channel's Thursday evening prime time reporting show , which usually focusses on 'serious' matters , will also have a team in Kyiv to report about the way the city prepared itself for the 50th Eurovision Song Contest.

Also the French music channel MCM France will be following Ortal during the Eurovision Song Contest week in Ukraine. The recording of Ortal's adventures in Kyiv will result in a series of three, one hour long programmes entitled Dans la vie d'Ortal (In Ortal's life).

Ortal's Eurovision Song Contest single Chacun pense à soi will be released by Warner – Up Music on 17th May.

Winners of the Ortal single

On 13th April we asked you in which country Ortal was born. The correct answer is Israel! The winners of the Ortal single Chacun pense à soi are…

� Alessandro Banti (Italy)
� Paul Pitaluga (Gibraltar)
� Rebecca Karlend (the Netherlands)

Congratulations! Your prize will be sent to you tomorrow…

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