Suntribe: 'we'll rock for Estonia!'

by Jarmo Siim 142 views

Suntribe, who will represent Estonia at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, gave an interview to the Estonian tabloid SLÕhtuleht, where they explained their hopes and fears about the contest.

Members of Suntribe, Daana, Jaanika, Rebecca, Laura and Mari-Leen aren't very happy about the fact they have been predicted to score very low at the Eurovision Song Contest, but also point out that many of the recent winners have not been very high in different polls and with bookmakers. Rebecca adds that they “of course we want to win, everybody does, but in the end democracy wins, the majority decides”.

Their favourite among this year's entries is definitely the Swiss song Cool Vibes by another Estonian band Vanilla Ninja but they don't dare to predict, who will beat whom at the contest. “The important thing is that Estonians will rule there!” says Mari-Leen.

The song Let's get loud has been worked on lately, and has been changed a bit, to make it more interesting and complicated. They have also been practicing the performance a lot in the past months, together with three choreographers. “I think it's the best song to be sent to Eurovision this year – energetic, happy and cheery!” concludes Rebecca.

Estonia will take part in the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on 19 May in Kyiv.

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