Breaking news: Ruslana resigns as host

by Sietse Bakker 2,923 views

Ruslana has resigned as host of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Svante Stockselius, supervisor of the contest at the European Broadcasting Union, said that to Mykola Dzyudzya, working for Ruslana's production company Luxen, explained us the details.

“Ruslana won't host the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and she decided to sing only. It's not because of her English skills, as she is still working on it. The main reason is the charity show on 17th May. She is busy with a new project and the work as a host would be too much for her”, Dzyudzya said.

Initially, Ruslana, DJ Pasha and Volodymyr Klitschko were to host the Eurovision Song Contest. Ruslana was asked to take care of the English presentation, while DJ Pasha would see for the French presentation. Klitschko got the honour to take care of the greenroom interviews. How the show is going to look like will most likely become clear in the upcoming days.

“Ruslana will not be one of the hosts of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest”, Stockselius said to In the upcoming hour, the Eurovision Song Contest supervisor will be giving us a more detailed explanation.

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