An interview with Angelica Agurbash

by Sietse Bakker 89 views

Angelica Agurbash represents Belarus in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Several websites related to the contest teamed up and had this interview with her.

In the interview, Angelica shares a difficult period of her life with us. “I was born in Belarus in a quite poor family of workers. Even though the world of beauty and happiness seemed so far away, music had always been a part of my life. But one day a miracle that I always hoped for happened. Just walking down the street, someone noticed me and invited me to act in a movie. This was the beginning of my artistic path”, she said.

Angelica Agurbash also has some great humour! Asking her about her family, she said: “I met my prince, a romantic business man from Russia. He offered me a kingdom and I accepted it”.

“I am out of politics (…) music has no borders and it unites people. That's my mission”. Angelica Agurbash, a lady with a strong message!

Read the interview

Click here to read the interview with Angelica Agurbash.

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