Julie and Ludwig, one year later…

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Last year the duo Julie and Ludwig represented Malta in the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song On again… off again they qualified Malta for the final in which they finished 12th. One year later we're looking back with Julie and Ludwig at the past year, the Maltese national final, the selection of Chiara and… exclusively for esctoday.com Julie and Ludwig predict the outcome of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest final.

It's now one year ago since you represented Malta at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. What have you been doing for the last twelve months?

Yes, it has already been a year since we were in Istanbul… How time flies. This year was a very busy one. We had to record songs for our album, release it and so forth.

We had also a lot of theatre work, most of which were musicals. We were also invited by the interreligious federation for peace to sing in Jerusalem's independence park, and, in September we will go to Canada and America to give three concerts in Toronto, Detroit and San Francisco. Hence we're pretty tight.

How are you looking back at those two weeks you spent in Istanbul last year?

We both think that our experience at the Eurovision Song Contest has been a fantastic one. Our target, speaking of the Maltese team, was to get Malta back in the finals, and obviously the automatic qualification for the following year which we both managed to get. So we can say, Istanbul and all of you people who organise, and set up this music feast, will remain in our hearts forever. How can we ever forget those parties, friends,… It's such an incredible experience.

In February you have released your first album Mood swings. What kind of songs are on the album?

First of all the songs were composed and written by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg, who we think are two of the most talented people we have on the island. We discussed what we have to do, and came out with the idea of having different styles on the album which are mainly pop, classical, rock, Asian/Turkish style, ballads and uptempo.

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