NTU President doubts about Palats Sportu expenses

by roel 2,854 views

At today's press conference devoted to the progress in preparation of the Palats Sportu, NTU President Taras Stetskiv expressed his doubts on the expenses data Palats Sportu director Viktor Tkachenko announced. More than 50 companies are currently preparing the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Palats Sportu stressed on a special contribution of its administration in order to prepare the venue for the contest. According director Viktor Tkachenko, the Palats Sportu additionally spent 2,35 million HR from its own budget on renovations since December last year.

I don�t know how much Mr. Tkachenko spent,” NTU president Taras Stetskiv reacts. “Tkachenko received almost 4 million HR including about a million for hall rent and 2.7 million for fountain restoration. But if he adds his own money to this sum it will just honour him.

Ukrainian broadcaster NTU is not sure whether the sum of the Palats Sportu expenses exceeded the 2 million HR. In Stetskiv's opinion the work that will be done will show the real numbers. “But if it's really so it will be the example of a real national Ukrainian approach,” Taras Stetskiv added.

NTU also announced that over 100 agreements were implemented after 53 tender contests. More than 50 companies are in charge of preparing the Palats Sportu for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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