Change of plans in San Marino

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 231 views

SMTV, the Sammarinese national broadcaster has informed that it has changed its plans regarding the presentation of their 2013 Eurovision entry and representative. 

Initially the San Marino had planned to present their 2013 Eurovision entry at the special press conference planned for 30 January. SMTV has informed that a special press conference will be held in San Marino on 30 January at 11 am in order to introduce the 2013 Sammarinese representative to the media. The authors and composers of the song will also be attending the press conference, where local media will get a chance to meet and greet the artist. The press conference will be streamed live on SMTV’s official website

The title of the Sammarinese entry will also be revealed at the press conference, but the song itself and the videoclip will not be revealed as it was planned earlier.. The 2013 Sammarinese entry along with the official videoclip will be officially presented at a special song presentation show on SMTV.(date to be confirmed).

SMTV had planned to air a special show in order to present both their artist and entry on 30 January in the envening,  but now has decided to postpone it. The broadcaster is yet to announce the exact date of this special show.

San Marino debuted at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Miodio and is yet to win the event. Stay tuned to for the latest news on  San Marino and the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.