France: new song by Serge Lama

by Yann Messina 257 views

A few days only before embarking himself on a big tour to celebrate his 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his successful music career, popular singer Serge Lama, who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dublin in 1971, released a brand new song. 

Titled Des éclairs et des revolvers, the song is the only new track contained in his latest album La balade du poète. On the occasion of his birthday and the celebration of his long singing career, Serge Lama released in December a double best of album in which figures a selection of his most famous songs that he re-recorded to give them a fresh sound. The album also contains some surprises: 3 songs that he wrote as a very young boy when he was between 11 and 13 years old, and the new single Des éclairs et des revolvers in which the singer expresses a rather pessimistic view on the modern world.

On 8 April, the academy of the French music industry will pay a tribute to Serge Lama who will receive an Honorific Music Award (Victoire de la Musique d’Honneur) for his successful 50-year long career. To find out when and where Serge Lama will be performing in 2013, check out our event section. Hereafter is a snippet of his latest single.