Greenjolly in Malta

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Ukranian band Greenjolly arrived in Malta as part of their promotional tour leading to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. They look forward to promote their entry as a song to unite and inspire people and want it to be considered as a symbol of human courage and patriotism.

Television shows and interviews
Greenjolly will appear on the leading Maltese TV and Radio shows including Net TV's 50 Eurovision and Super One Radio's Eurovision Radio.

Esctoday, in collaboration with OGAE Malta, caught up with Greenjolly for an interview on popular Eurovision Radio. The full interview will be aired on Eurovision Radio on Wednesday 27th April as of 20:45 CET. Super One Radio can be heard live via

The plans for Kyiv
Greenjolly revealed some of their plans for Kyiv. They will be accompanied by 2 dancers and a drummer on stage. They did not want to talk much about the outfits and the performance for Kyiv. However they said that they have some surprises which they will keep until the Eurovision Song Contest.

Greenjolly's favourites
Greenjolly have already met some of this year's participants during their promotional tour. They seem to be really fond of the three sisters from Spain, Son del Sol, singing Brujería. They list the Maltese entry Angel by Chiara as one of the top favourites to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Talking about the technical difficulties faced by Ukranian organisation, mainly the selling of the tickets from internet, Greenjolly said that they cannot say much because they are busy rehearsing and visiting countries as part of their promotional tour and they are not in a position to speak for such decisions.

Scandals and Accusations
When talking about the various scandals and accusations following their win at the Ukranian national final, Greenjolly said that it was truly unfair on those who accused their song as plagiarism or a remake of the 1960's Pueblo unido. “Yes, the message is similar but the melody line is not. And that makes the two songs different from each other”, remarked Greenjolly members. “If conveying the same message makes you guilty of plagiarism, then there are many plagiarists out there all writing songs about the same thing: Love, Love, Love”.

They also said that it was no problem for them to change the lyrics, but they only did it because it was imposed by the EBU. As for them, they would have left Yushenko's name in the chorus. “To us the word 'Yushenko' doesn't only refer to the politician and the new president of Ukraine but it also means freedom”.

When speaking about Ani Lorak, they said that she will definately represent Ukraine one day because she is really popular in Ukraine and she's very good too. “Perhaps we will see her in 2006”, they said.

When speaking about their all time Eurovision favourites Greenjolly mentioned Shake it by Sakis Rouvas (Greece 2004), For real by Athena (Turkey 2004), The one that I love by Chiara (Malta 1998) and of course Ruslana's Wild dances, of whom they were only 50/50 sure of her potential to win the Eurovision last year.

Greenjolly stated that they will do their best to keep Eurovision home!

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Picture gallery

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