Gracia: 'I didn't know it'

by Sietse Bakker 261 views

David Brandes, composer of this year's German entry Run & hide, bought 2,000 copies of Gracia's Eurovision Song Contest single. He said that yesterday in the talk show of Johannes B. Kerner on ZDF (photo). Gracia herself “didn't know it”

“In the first three weeks after the release we bought 2,000 copies of the single. If we wouldn't have done that, we would've lost it (…). Many people in the music scene work like this, I know”, Brandes said. Gracia claims she didn't know what happened. “I went on stage during the national final just like everybody else and Germany selected me to go to Kyiv… and so I will”, the German Eurovision Song Contest representative said.

Gracia denied that she accused Universal-colleague Jeanette Biedermann. According to Bild Zeitung Gracia said that Biedermann used the same 'trick' to manipulate the charts. Universal fired Gracia and even considered to file a complaint against the German Eurovision Song Contest representative. “I wouldn't dare to say something like that. I just don't know how to defend myself anymore”, a desperate Gracia said in Der Spiegel.

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