Moldova: 60 songs and 24 artists qualify to the next round

by Vasileios Terzopoulos 564 views

24 artists and 60 songs have been chosen in the internal national selection process in Moldova. A committee of music industry experts evaluated all the 126 songs that were submitted and the 49 singers and bands who applied to represent Moldova to the 58th Eurovision Song Contest.

The members of the selection committee are:

Nelly Ciobanu, singer

Vladimir Beleaev, composer.

Geta Burlacu, singer

Valentin Boghean, instrumentalist, singer, composer

Tatiana Cerga, singer

Valentin Dinga, composer

Victoria Tcacenco, professor Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts

Nicu Tarna, musician

The 24 artists and bands that have qualified to the next round are (random order):

Artistic name Name / Surname
Anna Gulko Anna Gulko
Inaya Inna Gorobinscaia
Felicia Dunaf Felicia Dunaf
Cristina Scarlat Girl Cristina
Stela Botan Stela Botan
Vitaly Negruta Vitaly Negruta
Herman Doiniţa Herman Doiniţa
Irina Tarasiuk Irina Tarasiuk
Moon Aliona Aliona Munteanu
Yarn Love Irina Gondiu
Ruslan Taranu Ruslan Taranu
Cristina Croitoru & Karizma Cristina Croitoru & Karizma
Aurel Chirtoaca  Aurel Chirtoaca 
Şendrea Alexander Şendrea Alexander
Svetlana Bogdanova Svetlana Bogdanova
Boris Covali Boris Covali
Cristina V.  Cristina Vilcov
Tatiana Heghea Tatiana Heghea
Denis Latîşev Denis Latîşev
NiCo Nicoleta Gavrilita
Irina Chitoroaga Irina Chitoroaga
Vitaly Maciunschi Vitaly Maciunschi
Tare Nicoleta drum
Valeria Pasha Valeria Pasha

The titles of the 60 qualified songs are:

  1. Soulwithout keys
  2. Codename Felice
  3. I pray
  4. My heart
  5. You’ll be main
  6. A Million
  7. Just smile
  8. Alive
  9. Tell me why
  10. Never fall again
  11. My Life
  12. Celebrate
  13. Runaways
  14. Magnets
  15. A brighter day
  16. Another time
  17. Bang, bang, bang
  18. Be free
  19. Beatiful Lies
  20. Coma 
  21. Conquer my heart
  22. Crazy
  23. Crying My Heart Out
  24. Fallen from the sky
  25. Freaky Thong
  26. Game of love
  27. Here and now
  28. Hi-Ho
  29. I need you now
  30. I Want You Back
  31. I will not surrender
  32. Excuse me
  33. If only
  34. If someone’s up there
  35. I’m alive
  36. In My Head
  37. In My Life
  38. Love Love
  39. Love comes first
  40. Love Makes you beautiful
  41. Now I know what love is
  42. One step at a time
  43. Prisoner
  44. Red Zone
  45. Show me your feelings
  46. Silent tears
  47. Somebody else
  48. Sublime
  49. Superstars
  50. Falling Down The Walls cam
  51. Tornado
  52. Underestimated
  53. Wait for you
  54. Wanna Fell your love again
  55. We dance along
  56. You never listen
  57. Your game
  58. Just no place like home
  59. You Belong to Me
  60. Through the night
In the next round 24 songs will be selected and assigned to the 24 artists, while the latter will be allocated into two semi-finals (12 acts will perform in each semi-final). The semi-finals are scheduled to be held on 26 and 28 February. Whilst the Moldovan national final is scheduled to be held on 2 March, when the winning act to represent the country to Malmӧ will be selected.