'Razom nas bahato' remix hits Polish charts

by Pawel Jurczak 366 views

Jest nas wielu, the Polish version of Razem nas bahato, the song representing Ukraine at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, has hit the most popular music chart in Poland, Lista 30 ton. The remix of the revolutionary anthem is the result of a cooperation between Greenjolly and twelve of the most famous Polish hip-hop artists, inspired by the struggle for democracy in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution. Jest nas wielu currently occupies the 7th position in the Polish charts.

The idea of bringing political freedom to Ukraine during the Orange Revolution was extremely strong in Poland, a country which had previously experienced Soviet political domination before 1989 and managed to become independent after Solidarity�s movement in the 80's. When the freedom movement raised in Kyiv, top Polish politicians, including the president of Poland, expressed their support for the Orange Revolution.

Polish music stars such as Edyta Gorniak, who finished second at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, went to Kyiv to sing for the people who had gathered at Independence Square.

In the meanwhile, famous Polish TV host, musical critic and producer Robert Leszczynski, who hosted concerts in Poland as a tribute to the events in Ukraine, contacted Greenjolly and the Ukrainian Records company to record the Polish version of Razom nas bahato.

Polish hip-hop stars wrote their own lyrics about the right of every person to make his own choice and Greenjolly sang the chorus. The single which currently occupies the 7th place in the Lista 30 ton chart will soon be released in Poland.

With the song Razom nas bahato, Greenjolly will be representing Ukraine in the final of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest to take place on Kyiv on 21st May.

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