German Eurovision stars: 'Dear Gracia, withdraw!'

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German tabloid Bild is doing the utmost to make Gracia withdraw from her participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. In an open letter to Gracia, Bild and a striking list of former Eurovision Song Contest participants address to the German representative for Kyiv.

Bild's open letter to Gracia

Dear Gracia,

with regret we have read what you and your management have been blamed for. Your song Run & hide would have reached the German national final due to charts manipulation.

You have said, that inspite of this all, you will be participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. We believe that you have forgotten one thing: you don't sing for yourself, but for your country! As long as your song is linked to charts manipulation, it will damage your career but as well the esteem of Germany.

You will always be the loser in this Eurovision Song Contest, no matter which place you will reach.

Therefore we advise you with all respect for your artistic achievements: withdraw from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest!

With fraternal regards

The open letter has been signed by a remarkable number of former Eurovision Song Contest participants: Nicole (1982), Lou (2003), Corinna May (2002), Michelle (2001), Guildo Horn (1998), Nino De Angelo (1989), Cindy & Bert (1974), Leslie Mandoki of Dschingis Khan (1979), Ingrid Peters (1986), Ireen Sheer (1978) and Lena Valaitis (1981). Even Lys Assia, the winner of the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 supports the letter demanding Gracia to withdraw.

If German broadcaster NDR would give in to the pressure and withdraw Gracia from representing Germany in Kyiv, Germany will not be allowed to replace song and singer. Since 21st March, the national broadcasters can no longer change their entry.

The European Broadcasting Union will not be interferring in this discussion. “According to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 it is up to each participating broadcaster to chose their entry in any way they like. We see no official hindrance for the German entry to participate in Kyiv in May,” Eurovision Supervisor Svante Stockselius reacted.

On 12th March 2005, Gracia won the German national final with Run & hide, a song written by David Brandes, Jane Tempest and John O'Flynn.

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