Eurovision 2013 Semi-finals allocation results

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 290 views

A special draw was held at the City Hall in today Malmö in order to determine which countries will compete in which Semi-final. There was also another draw held in order to place the BIG 5 Countries and the host country Sweden in one of the two Semi-finals (determining which semi-final each country will vote in and broadcast).

The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-finals are scheduled to be held on the 14 and 16 May in Malmö. Whilst the grand final is scheduled for 18 May. 16 countries will compete in Semi-final 1 and 17 countries will compete in Semi- final 2.

Big 5 and Host Country – Semi-final allocation for broadcasting and voting

  • [France] France – Second Semi-final
  • [Germany] Germany – Second Semi-final
  • [Spain] Spain – Second Semi-final
  • [United Kingdom] United Kingdom – First Semi-final
  • [Sweden] Sweden – First Semi-final
  • [Italy] Italy – First Semi-final

Semi final 1

First half

Second half

[Denmark] Denmark [Lithuania] Lithuania
[Croatia] Croatia [Serbia] Serbia
[Ukraine] Ukraine [Ireland] Ireland
[The Netherlands] The Netherlands [Belarus] Belarus
[Austria] Austria [Cyprus] Cyprus
[Slovenia] Slovenia [Montenegro] Montenegro
[Estonia] Estonia [Belgium] Belgium
[Russia] Russia [Moldova] Moldova

Semi final 2

First half

Second half

[Latvia] Latvia [Israel] Israel
[Azerbaijan] Azerbaijan [Norway] Norway
[Malta] Malta [Albania] Albania
[Iceland] Iceland [Hungary] Hungary
[San Marino] San Marino [Switzerland] Switzerland
[FYR Macedonia] FYR Macedonia [Georgia] Georgia
[Finland] Finland [Greece] Greece
[Bulgaria] Bulgaria [Armenia] Armenia
[Romania] Romania