Fans and professionals concerned about scandals

by Sietse Bakker 199 views

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, artists and webmasters of Eurovision websites are concerned about the image of the contest.

The 'soap' around the Slovenian song and the final reached the international press. CNN reported about it on their website and today the Dutch television program RTL Boulevard focussed on all Eurovision scandals this year.

Not only the Slovenian case, but also several disqualifications – in Germany, the United Kingdom and Lithuania – concerned fans.

Recently a rumour is going around the web that the Greek entry 'SAGAPO' has not been chosen fairly. It is said that it was playbacked and the audio quality was much better than other songs. Also it's not been said that the televoting lines were open. Nothing of this has been confirmed officially, but it concerned many.

However the Eurovision Song Contest was never so populair as this year, there were never so many rumours and scandals, which is – of course – a pity.