Kyiv 2005: Spectra+ launched diary

by Sietse Bakker 248 views

The Swedish lighting company Spectra+, that will take care of all light and video related issues for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, launched its diary dedicated to the contest. Everyone can follow their preparations online!

Spectra+ tells us some interesting facts about lighting and video for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest:

  • It takes four operators a total of 41 days to program the light and video for this show
  • Two graphic designers works around the clock for 6 weeks to make the digital content for the show
  • The cables for video and lights weight 21,000 kilograms
  • It takes two weeks to build up the total production including set, cameras, light, sound and video
  • It takes 32 people just to run video and lights for the show
  • There are 8 different nationalities within the lighting and video crew
  • The roof beams in the arena were originally planned to become a bridge over the river in Kyiv. Thats why they can take the load of the 87 ton of equipment they plan to hang there
  • “I will do my best to keep you updated in our chaos, stress, joy, panic, fun and sometimes even wild life during the next 6 weeks up to 21st May when we will do the most spectacular and technical advanced Eurovision Song Contest ever”, production manager Ola Melzig said.

    Check it out!

    Click here to go to Spectra+ its Eurovision Song Contest diary.

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