Premier Palace Hotel overbooked

by Sietse Bakker 257 views

Kyiv's top hotel, the Permier Palace Hotel, is overbooked. The official travel company of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, BYTSKO Travel, told that to Premier Palace is one of the official delegation accomodations for the upcoming contest.

Five hotels are available for the 39 delegations. Premier Palace Hotel (five stars), Radisson SAS Hotel (four stars) and President Hotel Kyivsky (four stars), Rus International Hotel (three stars), Lybid Hotel (three stars) are exclusively available to broadcaster delegations including the participants themselves. Premier Palace will accomodate (among others) the Greek, Cypriot and British delegations. The Dutch delegation booked for Rus International Hotel.

We received several forwarded emails from fans, saying their reservations had been cancelled due to overbooking. Hotels in Kyiv have sharply increased room rates. Some who had booked rooms already last year have seen reservations cancelled, often without notice, and been told they can rebook, but only at prices up to three times the initial rates, our colleagues of wrote earlier.Vice president of NTU, Pavlo Hrycak, directly criticised the Radisson SAS Hotel, Lybid Hotel and Rus Hotel. One night at the four star Radisson in Vienna is EUR 167, while EUR 350 has to be paid for a room in Kyiv in the weeks prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The solution of offering tents to those who are unable to book hotel rooms appears to be seen as reasonable by NTU. “There will be places for up to 10,000 people on Truhanov Island, we are sure that young people will be happy to stay there”, an NTU representative said. However, an overwhelming majority of the international fans, mostly staying for one or more weeks, couldn't appreciate this solution. “They had almost a year to prepare themselves and now they come up with this”, we received from many dedicated fans. However, staying in tents is a common solution for pop festivals and gives young Ukrainians with limited budgets the chance to come to Kyiv and join the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's unknown if there are still rooms available in other official hotels. For those who still have to book their Eurovision Song Contest accomodation in Kyiv at BYTSKO, we advice you to make your reservation as soon as possible!

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