Swedish support for Laura and the Lovers

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The Lithuanians have many reasons to be excited about their entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. While most polls and news paper critics predict Little by little to proceed to the final, Laura and the Lovers are working on what will probably be the most extravagant music video ever made in Lithuania.

An extravagant video clip
In a brand new video clip, Laura will be appearing on rooftops, in trains and in a helicopter as well as in many other spectacular situations. The video is being realised by a Swedish born film maker who is representing Hollywood based filmmakers in the Baltic States. More than 100 people are involved in the recording and the production of the video, which will be finished by 18th April.

Swedish support for the act for Kyiv
Laura will be styled by one of the leading Swedish stylists, Magnus Flobecker, who recently styled Alcazar. Laura and the Lover's choreography for the stage act in Kiev has been developed by the Swedish choreographer Roine Söderlundh. He recently choreographed the hit performance of Nanne Grönvall's Håll om mig at Melodifestivalen 2005.

The co-operation between Sweden and Lithuania also extends to the backing vocalists. Two Swedish background singers will accompany Laura and the Lovers on stage in Kyiv: Sonja Aldén, the lyricist of Shirley Clamp's Att älska dig, which finished fourth in the final Melodifestivalen 2005 and Caroline Jönsson.

Positive reactions
The team behind Laura and the Lovers is satisfied with the response Laura and the Lovers have been receiving so far. More than 30.000 people have visited the official website www.lauraandthelovers.com in the last 20 days and radio stations all over Europe have been requesting copies of Little by little for airplay.

The Swedish journalists, whom have been presented the 39 entries this week, seem to have the opinion that Lithuania will proceed to the final. Also in the online bets, Laura and the Lovers are doing well.

Laura and the Lovers will represent Lithuania in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest on 19th May in Kyiv.

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