DR promises: We will not copy Loreen!

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The ten acts who will compete for the honour to represent Denmark in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed on 16 January at 11.00 CET and DR have been keeping their names well under their hat so far. In an interview on the official Melodi Grand Prix website, Kristian Borregaard, the music producer who has been involved in the selection of the songs for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix since 2009 gives some insight on what to expect from the Danish hopefuls this year and the way they were selected.

Almost 700 songs were received by DR this year and a jury comprising experts from the television and music industry, as well as members of the general public have shortlisted the 10 acts who will take part in the DMGP this year. Kristian Borregaard feels that the expertise of the professionals combined with the fresh point of view of the target audience (ie the public) are the perfect combination.

What to expect this year

Loreen’s hugely successful Eurovision winning song is bound to inspire song writers to go in a similar direction but one thing is certain according to  Kristian Borregaard, the Danes are not looking for a Euphoria copy as much as they respect and appreciate Loreen’s work and success.

Kristian Borregaard explains that most songs in DMGP this year are contemporary pop songs with very few exceptions. There will be no rap songs and very few rock songs as well as songs in Danish “because simply not many songs in Danish are sent to us”, explains Mr Borregaard . What all ten songs have in common is a catchy chorus.

Sofie Lassen-Kahlke, Louise Wolff and Lise Rønne, DMGP 2013 host trio. Photo: Tony Brøchner © DR

Another thing we are to expect this year from DMGP is an orgy of glitter. DR warns it is going to be super bright this year as Jesper Høvring, the designer behind Louise Wolff’s glitzy dress last year, will be dressing all three hostesses.

The CD with all the entries will be released on 25 January.


Source: DR

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