International promo tour for Ledina Celo

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Ledina Celo, who'll represent Albania with the song Tomorrow I go, will be promoting her entry in several European countries before leaving for Kiev, where she'll participate in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 21st May.

Ledina Celo will be visiting Andorra, Malta, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belarus and Lithuania. “This is a good way to promote the song to the public of these countries, who will be more familiar with the Albanian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest,“, says Gezim Podgorica, director of Radio Tirana and the Albanian national selections Festivali i Kenges .

Podgorica added that his institutions are working closely together with the Albanian communities in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in order to promote Tomorrow I go and to make the people vote for the song on 21st May.

The team behind Ledina Celo has a good feeling about the future. “We are optimistic. After the meeting in Kiev when the songs became available on the internet, we got very supportive reactions. I was told that the video is also being broadcast on television channels in several countries,” Podgorica added before admitting that the song hasn't been promoted that much yet in Albania itself.

Ledina Celo will represent Albania with the song Tomorrow I go in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 21st May in Kiev.

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