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The 2005 Eurovision Song Contest stage will try to entice the world with a design full of technological novelties and open up the possibilities for each performance. The stage will consist of a main stage and two smaller platforms on either side that can be moved up and down.

Lid screens, introduced in Riga in 2003, will again be used to adapt the floor to each performance. Around the stage are large cylinder shapes which move vertically as well as compressing in an accordian like fashion. The background consists of flexible 't shaped' stands that can be moved up and down as well as be turned around separately projecting shafts of light and opening up the range of possibilities. Behind the central circular platform is a fanning device, which rises and falls, and when upright creates a rectangular projection unit. Above, a large spheric moon towers over the set helping to add to the sense of symmetry as well as falling vertically.

The use of light will have an important role. No less than 60 tons of lightning equipment will be used under the stage and the same amount will be used above it. This years stage will prove to be one of the most kinetic in history, what with the various moving elements. A 3Dimensional video simulation of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest stage is already available.

3D simulation of the stage

Click here to see the moving images of the stage. (Click the white camera)

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