interview with Lise Darly and Phil Bosco

by roel 160 views interview with Lise Darly and Phil Bosco

Lise, tu es née à Nice. Es-tu française ou monégasque ? Quel est ton
lien avec Monaco ? Pour quelle raison t�es-tu inscrite pour le casting à
Monaco l'année passée?

< Lise >
I was born in Nice, hence I am French.
Last year, I participated in the casting organized by TMC as I love taking
up challenges. Talking about challenges, representing Monaco at the
Eurovision Song Contest is another interesting musical challenge� Isn�t it?

02. Lise, c�est Märyon qui a remporté le casting et tu as terminé en seconde
position. Qu�as-tu ressenti à ce moment ? As-tu alors imaginé que, seulement
une année plus tard, tu serais sélectionnée pour représenter Monaco?

< Lise >
In 2004, I was really disappointed by the decision of the jury but this year
I am even happier to sing for the Principality. I never give up but always
fight! Now, to be honest, I could not guess one second that I would be
selected this year.

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