Pre-order the official 2005 album and DVD

by Sietse Bakker 3,094 views

Since today, it's possible to pre-order the official 2005 Eurovision Song Contest album and the DVD of the contest. Both contain all the 40 Eurovision Song Contest entries.

The album
The double-cd album contains the 40 songs of the participating countries in studio versions. The album will be released in the first weeks of May, most likely prior to the contest. The album contains copy control and costs � 19,95 for those ordering through the official Eurovision Song Contest shop. Pre-ordering means you can order already, but will receive the album as soon as it has been released!

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For the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, the shop offers a double DVD again, with the semifinal, the final and exclusive bonus material. Therefore, the DVD of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest is a must-have for the fans! Through the official shop, the DVD costs � 24,95 and will be released in the weeks after the contest.

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