Kiev 2005: 10 tourism organisations to serve guests

by Sietse Bakker 310 views

Ten Ukrainian tourism organisations and NTU agreed to serve the guests coming to Ukraine for the 50th Eurovision Song Contest. The president of host broadcaster NTU said that during a press conference. Though, the organisation committee has to accept the offer before everything is official.

Last Friday, Kiev's city administration came together to discuss the progress of the preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

NTU president Taras Stetskiv about the decision to hire ten, instead of simply one tourism agency: “Last Thursday, there was a meeting at NTU of the ten top tourism agencies, that were recommended by the state tourism administration. They came to the common conclusion that joining forces was the best thing to do and they were prepared to sign all together”.

NTU's president agrees that time pressure was an important aspect of this decision: “None of the tourism organisations was able to handle the organisation by themselves within the short period left until the delegations arrive”, he said. “This is an unusual situation, but taking into account we have a tight schedule, the organisation committee might very well accept their offer if they are able to come up with a clear schedule”, he added.

As in previous years, the tourism organisations will most likely be responsible for the sightseeing tours during the Eurovision Song Contest weeks (10-21 May) and the transportation of the delegations. Another important task is to promote Ukraine and Kiev among the foreign guests.