12/12/12 12:12

by Michalis Vranis 225 views

Dear readers,

Please, let me welcome you to our new place and make yourself at home.

As of today, this remarkable day, 12/12/12 and 12:12, esctoday.com has a new face and a new soul. The past 12 years, this historical website has delivered more than 18.000 articles about the contest we all love the most, the Eurovision Song Contest. Esctoday.com started off 12 years ago as a fan site but through the hard work of the volunteer editors and the high standards we follow has grown to become the most visited and respected independent Eurovision news site covering the contest and the artists past and present all year round.

Last May, during the busiest season of the year, esctoday.com became the victim of vicious cyber attacks. The support we got from all of you, gave us courage to implement a temporary solution in order to get back and start delivering news. Thousands of messages showing support and solidarity arrived in our inboxes, on our Facebook page, on Twitter and of course in person. After all, love and unity is what Eurovision is all about, especially nowadays.

Today, seven months later, we are here to present you the new face of esctoday.com with a revamped logo, bright colours and a fresh modern look. Orange is one of the healing colours but also a power colour which means vitality with endurance; both determining qualities of your daily Eurovision center.

Gradually, more and more content will be added regarding the Eurovision Song Contest history, but what we are thrilled about at the moment is the fact that you can easily find news from 2000 in our archive!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of the editors who worked voluntary for esctoday.com the past 12 years but especially the current team who have been working around the clock. Soon we will be introducing to you our new, biggest, freshest and most dynamic team of editors which will be working to bring to you all the news from the world of Eurovision. Esctoday.com has been delivering accurate news the past 12 years and this is a tradition we are determined to continue into the future.

Dear visitors, feel free to navigate on the new esctoday.com and join us on this new journey!

Michalis Vranis
Managing Director