Javine comments on 'wardrobe malfunction'

by roel 1,921 views

British broadcaster BBC has received several complaints after Javine's stage appearance at last Saturday's Making Your Mind Up 2005. As she performed her winning song Touch my fire for the second time on the live show, her right breast briefly popped out of her skimpy orange mini-dress. Your daily Eurovision centre does not intend to turn into a tabloid magazine. However, scandals big and small, unfortunately belong to the news… even when they are a little tasteless!

Oh, my God, that was so embarrassing,” 23-year-old Javine said yesterday. “I didn't have a clue that my boob was on show. No one told me and I think it only came out for a split second. I knew the dress was quite skimpy but I wasn't thinking about that too much as I didn't want that to hinder my performance.

As a result, BBC received several complaints about Javine being dressed inappropriately before the 9 PM watershed. “Her's was a genuine wardrobe malfunction, unlike Janet Jackson's,” Javine's manager Jonathan Shalit insisted. BBC said not to investigate the matter as it believed she was wearing an appropriate dress for a pop star.

Javine says she had taken precautionary measures. “I did have toupee tape to keep everything in place and it was fine for the first performance. But I think someone might have knocked it away when everyone was hugging me when I won.

If we may believe Javine, a similar incident is unlikely to happen in Kiev again. At last year's Eurovision Song Contest, Xandee's dancer Jessica saw for a similar Nipplevision.