Shiri Maymon: 'I will finish high in Kiev!'

by Itamar Barak 223 views

Shiri Maymon, the grand winner of the Israeli Kdam-Eurovision, celebrates her victory in the national final and is sure of her success in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

The last couple of days were quite hectic for Shiri Maymon who won the Kdam-Eurovision on Wednesday with Hasheket Shenish'ar. The 24 years old singer managed to get only 3 hours of sleep before she woke up to be interviewed for almost every morning programme on television or radio in Israel. “I am so happy, but I'm still on cloud number nine. I think I will fully realize the meaning of all this during the weekend with my family” said the thrilled Shiri to Yediot Ahronot.

Shiri tried to expalin how she received 116 points out of 120 possible: ““It was a success because I did not use any gimmicks. Already during my performance I felt the audience was singing along with me, mainly since the whole song was in Hebrew. We thought of combining English phrases in the song, but the switch from Hebrew to English sounded pathetic. I think this song can also be a huge success in Eurovision, despite being all in Hebrew, since emotion is a proven formula” said Shiri.

The Kdam-Eurovision was also a winner on its own right. The IBA's decision to hold a televised national final was proven right, since the show stormed Wednesday's ratings with a top of 29.3% share and an avarage of 25.1% share, which is quite a record for the national broadcaster which seldom manages reaching the top ratings table.

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