24 semi-finalists – Maltese national final on 2 February

by Edward Montebello 239 views

The 24 semi-finalists were announced during an ongoing prime time show broadcast on PBS. The national television station announced that the semi-final will take place on 1 February and the national final is scheduled for 2 February.

The 24 entries will compete in a semi-final show. 16 entries will compete in the final where the Maltese hopeful will get selected through a mixture of jury and public vote. William Mangion (1993), Miriam Christine Warner (1996) and Fabrizio Faniello (2001 & 2006) failed to qualify to the semi-final.

The semi-finalists Composer & Author in brackets

1. Perfect day – Janice Debatista (Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat)
2. Never walkaway – Chris Grech (Matthew James Borg, David Cassar Torregiani, Chris Grech, Peter Borg)
3. When it’s time – Claudia Faniello (Errol Sammut, Claudia Faniello)
4. My stranger love – Corazon Mizzi (Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan)
5. Fall like Rome – Richard Edwards (Philip Vella, Magnus Kaxe, Gerard James Borg)
6. Tides of illusion – Ylenia Vella (Jason Cassar, Mario Farrugia)
7. Us against the world – Gianni Zammit (Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat)
8. Ultraviolet Jessica Muscat (Thomas G:son, Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
9. Starting from the end – Dorothy Bezzina (Magnus Kaxe, Gerard James Borg)
10. Tomorrow – Gianluca Bezzina (Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat)
11. Fantasy – Danica Muscat (Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
12. Needing you – Kevin Borg (Kevin Borg, Danne Atterud, Simon Gribbe, Michael Clauss, ThomasThornholm)
13. Loverdose – Melanie Zammit (Maria Lundin (Maria Marcus), Niclas Lundin, Gerard James Borg)
14. Too little too late – Dominique Azzopardi (Matthias Strasser, Marc Paelinck)
15. Betrayed – Davinia Pace (Elton Zarb, Matthew Mercieca)
16. Keep believing – Raquela (Raquela Dalli Gonzi)
17. Superstar – Scar – (Konrad Pule)
18. Dress rehearsal – Saska Hunt (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
19. In control – Amber (Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan)
20. No one’s home – Petra (Wayne Micallef, Richard Micallef)
21. Love-o-holic – Deborah C (Johan Bejerholm, Gerard James Borg)
22. Let your heart talk – Franklin Calleja (Ray Agius, Alfred C. Sant)
23. The remedy – Klinsmann Coleiro (Philip Vella, Magnus Kaxe, Gerard James Borg)
24. Wonderful today – Petra/Richard Edwards (Wayne Micallef, Richard Micallef)

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