Ukrainian song flirting with disqualification

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The Ukrainian song Razom nas bagato, selected last Sunday to represent Ukraine at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest is flirting with disqualification. The world press has jumped on the story and as BBC reports, the song is a remake of an old revolutionay song. The European Broadcasting Union is investigating the political impact of the song.

Razom nas bagato is a remake of the famous revolutionary song Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido (The people, united, will never be defeated!) from the 1960s, BBC News reported. Norwegian broadcaster NRK picked up the story and published both songs on its website. The songs can be compared here.

The European Broadcasting Union is currently investigating a possible disqualification of the Ukrainian song by Greenjolly. “We know about this issue,” says Svante Stockselius to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. “We have to look at this and if it is political propaganda, then it might be against the rules.

The last word about this case has not yet been spoken. Stay tuned for more information…

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