Natalia Podolskaya wins Russian final

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With the song Nobody hurt no one, Belarusian singer Natalia Podolskaya has won the Russian national final, held in Moscow tonight. Dima Bilan came second. Anastasia Stotskaya finished third. A jury that just gave an expert opinion placed Dima Bilan first.

The Russian final was broadcast live three times and all contestants thus performed their song live three times. Once for the Ural region and Siberia, a second time for Central Russia and a last time for the European part of Russia, including Moscow. The sum of the votes of the three regions gave the final result.

These are the results of the Russian national final:

1 – 20.2% | Natalia Podolskaya – Nobody hurt no one
2 – 15.0% | Dima Bilan – It's not that simple
3 – 13.5% | Anastasia Stotskaya – Shadows dance all around me
4 – 12.6% | Varvara – Letala da pela
5 – 11.6% | Panayotov & Chumakov – Balalayka
6 – 10.4% | Elena Terleeva & Jam – No more war
7 – 8.6% | Irina Shott – Identify yourself
8 – 5.2% | Chai Vdvoem – Lusille is my name
9 – 2.9% | Slava – I wanna be the one

Detailed results of the three Russian semifinals and the national final can be found on's Russian pages by clicking here. An audio and video file of the winning song Nobody hurt no one can be found on Natalia Podolskaya's official website

Natalia Podolskaya was born in Belarus in 1982. Last year she participated in the Belarusian national final with the song Ljubov' ne ostanovit and finished third. On 21st May she will be representing Russia in the final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

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