Arab singer in Kdam causes commotion

by Itamar Barak 86 views

Mira Anuar-Awad, who is one of two arab singers performing in Wednesday's Kdam-Eurovision in Israel, gave an interview to Tel-Aviv magazine and made a few statements which caused a small commotion.

Mira Anuar-Awad was born in an arab village in the northern part of Israel and has a full Israeli citizenship. She will sing Zman (Time) in the Kdam-Eurovision, combining Hebrew and Arabic. “There will probably be some people thinking I am not eligible to represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest because I am not jewish, and I do feel, to some extent, that this country does not represent my true being” says Anuar-Awad. “When the Israeli national anthem is played I am usualy sad and embarrassed cause it doesn't stand for anyone of my national symbols” Mira adds. These statements by the star of the musical My Fair Lady have caused quite a commotion in Israel, just 5 days before the contest.

Another singer who had her fair share of headlines this week is Rinat Gabay (who will perform with Jerusalem). To her misfortune, burglars broke into her house several nights ago and stole her outfits for the Kdam, which were specially imported from France. Tzvika Pick also tried to have his go on the scandals scene, when he fired his leading male backing vocalist, Regev (a very popular singer in his own right).

Earlier this week we reported that the Kdam-Eurovision will have a webcast, just after it finishes on IBA's Channel 1. To the joy of fans outside of Israel, IBA has now decided to broadcast the Kdam LIVE on its official Eurovision website. The internet broadcast will commence on 20:30 (local time), with an exclusive report from the 'red carpet' and the green room. A press conference with the Kdam's winner together with Ruslana, The 2004 Eurovision winner, will also be broadcast on the official website, on Thursday at 11:00 am (local time).

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