Ukraine: NTU names 4 wild cards for final

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NTU has announced the line-up for Sunday's national final. Not 15 but 19 singers will make their appearance and compete for representing Ukraine at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. NTU awarded four wild cards to Mandry, De Shifer, Tartak and Greenjolly.

These are the 19 Ukrainian finalists:
1. Stand.up
2. NeDilya
3. Tayana
4. Mandry
5. Ex-Presidenti
6. Yurcash
7. Tiana Ravi
8. De Shifer
9. Foxy
10. Viktor Pavlik
11. Sergei Gavrilov
12. Tartak
13. Daleko
14. Ani Lorak
15. Talita Kum
16. Lourdes
17. Julia Korjinskaya
18. Volya
19. Greenjolly

The titles of the songs to be performed by each finalist have not yet been made public. As we earlier wrote, almost half of the initially selected finalists break the EBU “1st October rule” and are thus not eligible to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. is awaiting the final decisions of NTU regarding the songs concerned and hopes to be able to provide you with all song titles soon.

NTU has invited several guests to perform in the Ukrainian national final this Sunday. Among them the Belarusian representative for Kiev Angelica Agurbash. Other guests include Juliya Zabrodskaya, Fedor, Deema and Julia Bodai.

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