Jacob Sveistrup to Kiev for Denmark!

by Sietse Bakker 259 views

Jacob Sveistrup has won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2005 with Tænder på dig and will represent Denmark at the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine.

Jørgen and Niels couldn't make it
Jørgen and Niels Olsen won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with Fly on the wings of love and tried to do the same with My little yellow radio, a song they wrote themselves. The song is structured in a similar way as Fly on the wings of love, including a silent passage followed by a big bang and light explosion. They ended up second.

50 years Eurovision Song Contest
In line with the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, the songs were announced by previous Danish Eurovision Song Contest representatives. There was many attention for previous Danish Eurovision Song Contest entries to give the show a nostalgic touch. In October, broadcaster DR organises the 50th anniversary programme of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Melodi Grand Prix 2005
Ten songs competed for the ticket to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. After a first round, 5 songs continued to the second round. These are the final results:

1 – 58 points | Jacob Sveistrup – Tænder på dig
2 – 52 points | Olsen Brothers – My little yellow radio
3 – 16 points | Luna Park – I believe in love
4 – 16 points | Marie Keis Uhre – Make a wish
5 – 8 points | Tamra Rosanes – Peace, understanding and love

After the second voting, it appeared that the televoters believed most in Jacob Sveistrup to represent Denmark in Kiev!

Live stream
Due to the success of the live stream, many users experienced capacity problems at the live stream. “Vi har desværre nogle tekniske problemer med live-signalet fra DMGP 2005. Der arbejdes på højtryk i TV-Byen for at løse problemet – vi beklager meget”, it said. Or, in English: a technical problem, which will be solved soon!

Due to Denmark's results last year, Sveistrup will appear in the semifinal, which takes place on 19th May.