Oldest Babushka finds her father through Eurovision

by Edward Montebello 1,357 views

It was not just a Eurovision appearance for Natalya Pugacheva who was part of the Buranovskiye Babushki that represented Russia this year in Baku. Thanks to her popularity, Natalya managed to find her father’s grave.

Natalya Pugacheva is the oldest member of the Russian grandmas. Her fame helped her find the grave of her father, who disappeared while fighting in the second World War in 1942.

At a press conference she mentioned her father, Yakov Begeshev, who disappeared when she was six years old. Nina Geryusheva of the Bailiffs Service in the group’s native Russian region of Udmurtia said its volunteers set out to find Natalya’s missing father. After a lot of official requests, they were able to identify the mass grave where he was buried.

The seventy-six year old singer brought a handful of soil from her mother’s grave to mix with that of her father’s and took a handful back to do the same at her mother’s grave.

Buranovskiye Babushki placed second in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Russia ended as runner-up in Europe’s favourite show three times.

Source: The Washington Post

Watch the video of Natalya visiting the memorial posted by a Russian newspaper below