Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears releases Pure

by Stefano 565 views

Gjon’s Tears is back, at least his songs. Second runner-up and Eurovision sensation in 2021 with Tout l’univers, the 24 year-old singer from Broc has released a new single. Discover Pure.

If you are still hearing his hitch-pitched notes from the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam, don’t worry. Many of us do. Gjon’s Tears is however back to change that. The Swiss-Albanian artists has released just last week his latest single Pure. The artist announced it on his social media profiles:


About Pure

“Life is hard, but it is worth it. When it is pure, my God how wonderful is it”. Pure follows another single from this year, Silhouette, which was released at the beginning of 2022. They are both part of Gjon’s first EP announced for 2023 and produced in collaboration with French singer Zazie.

Gjon’s Tears in Eurovision

Gjon Muharremaj was internally selected to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. Due to the cancellation of the contest the singer was confirmed for the 2021 edition. His Tout l’univers won the second semi-final and placed this in the Grand Final just behind Maneskin from Italy and Barbara Pravi from France. The 432 points received are the highest score ever for Switzerland and its best placing since 1993.