Angelica Agurbash loses her name in divorce

by Juha Repo 1,362 views

The Belarusian singer and former beauty queen, who sang at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, has been married to the multi-millionaire Russian businessman Nicholas Agurbash for 11 years. But now she is going through a divorce, widely publicized in Russian media in the past few weeks. She will also now have to give up the name her husband gave her as part of the divorce settlement, and revert back to her previous name Yalinskaya. A prenuptial agreement will also leave the singer penniless and homeless.

There has been claims that Mr Agurbash, who was also his wife’s producer, supported the Belarusian Eurovision entry with millions of roubles in 2005. To these claims the star has reportedly replied: It was his decision to help me, I did not ask to be flown there in a private aeroplane. The celebrity marriage with the singer and the Russian sausage king and owner of the company “Mortadel” was seen as proper fairytale story until recently, but now there are reports of even physical violence within the relationship, and Angelica has claimed her husband hit her on several occasions. Angelica Agurbash also worked previously in her husband’s company, but has now been replaced by a former newspaper editor Olga Ulevich. The couple have an 8-year-old son, Anastas.

Angelica Agurbash was the second ever representative from Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with Love me tonight. It was produced by Russian Eurovision veteran Philipp Kirkorov and written by Greek Nikos Terzis. Her choreography was done by American Mia Michaels and her dress in gold, diamonds and silk was created by Russian celebrity fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. The song did not get past the semi-final in Kyiv however, but gained only the 13th position with 67 votes in the Europe-wide televote.

Angelica Agurbash at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005


Source: various Russian media Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jerry Daykin