Euphoria in Afrikaans, Estonian and.. US English

by Juha Repo 354 views

The Swedish Eurovision winner Euphoria has inspired artists around the globe to record their own versions of the song, and also in different styles. There are loads of fan made versions on YouTube, but also a few professional efforts from South Africa, Estonia, Sweden and the United States!



MIA from Estonia (also an Eesti laul participant) seems to be combining the Sammarinese song about Social media in her Estonian lyrics:


In South Africa they love all things Eurovision, and of course there is already a version in Afrikaans as well, by Tanya V:


Swedish dance band Bengt Hennings have done their version, proving that schlager is never far from Swedish Eurovision songs:


Even in the USA Euphoria has been covered, by Tyler Ward and Alex G. and Tyler is even going to be touring Europe soon.


And finally, Euphoria has even reached the X-Factor in Ukraine, here is 20-year-old Yuliya:

Source: Viisukuppila, The Baku Collection