Elena Terleeva & Jam win first semifinal in Russia

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The first of three semifinals in Russia has been won by Elena Terleeva & Jam. The Russian audience also televoted Anastasia Stotskaya and Dima Bilan into the Russian national final. Since Russia is spread over several time zones, the show goes live three times!

This is the top 3 of the first Russian semifinal, proceeding to the national final:

1 – 20.1% | Elena Terleeva & Jam – No more war
2 – 15.5% | Anastasia Stotskaya – Shadows dance all around me
3 – 13.4% | Dima Bilan – It's not that simple

The complete results of the first Russian final can be found here.

Channel 1 had invited Alsou (Russia 2000 – Solo), Julia Savicheva (Russia 2004 – Believe me) and Alexander Malinin to perform as guest singer in the show. 100% televoting decided that Elena Terleeva & Jam, Anastasia Stotskaya and Dima Bilan proceed to the Russian national final, to be held on 25th February.

Following the question of one of our visitors, we'd like to explain you how the broadcast is organised in Russia, which is widely spread over several time zones. Each show is broadcast live three times and all participants thus sing their song live three times. The schedule is as follows:

� Orbit 1 at 17:30 Moscow time, broadcast for Ural and Siberia
� Orbit 2 at 19:30 Moscow time for Central Russia
� Orbit 3 at 21:30 Moscow time for European part of Russia, including Moscow

The shows are thus being broadcast live in different parts of Russia at a different time. Each region gets the opportuniy to cast their vote by telephone. In the last show, broadcast live in the European part of Russia, the final results are revealed.

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