Jury votes from three more countries revealed

by Vasileios Terzopoulos 443 views

The Jury votes from three more participating countries to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals and Grand Final have become known the last days. These are the votes from the Slovenian, Belgian and Irish Juries that were as follows:

  Jury Jury & Televote
Slovenia Grand Final
12 Sweden Serbia
10 Serbia Sweden
8 Italy Russia
7 Iceland Bosnia-Herzegovina
6 Bosnia-Herzegovina F.Y.R. Macedonia
5 Moldova Italy
4 Russia Iceland
3 Germany Albania
2 Cyprus Germany
1 Span Moldova
Slovenia Semi Final 2
12 Sweden Serbia
10 Serbia Sweden
8 Croatia Croatia
7 Lithuania Lithuania
6 Malta F.Y.R. Macedonia
5 Portugal Bosnia-Herzegovina
4 Norway Malta
3 Georgia Portugal
2 Turkey The Netherlands
1 Estonia Estonia
  Jury                       Jury & Televote
Belgium Grand Final
12 Albania Sweden
10 Sweden Albania
8 Serbia Russia
7 Spain Turkey
6 Russia Spain
5 Ireland Serbia
4 Hungary Ireland
3 Iceland Romania
2 Germany Greece
1 Greece UK
Belgium Semi Final 1
12 Russia Russia
10 Hungary Albania
8 Albania Greece
7 Austria Ireland
6 Ireland Hungary
5 Greece Iceland
4 Iceland Romania
3 Finland Cyprus
2 Cyprus Austria
1 Romania Finland


  Jury Jury & Televote
Ireland Grand Final
12 Estonia Sweden
10 Germany Germany
8 Sweden Estonia
7 Ukraine Lithuania
6 Italy Russia
5 Azerbaijan Romania
4 Romania UK
3 Denmark Ukraine
2 Spain Italy
1 France Azerbaijan
Ireland Semi Final 1
12 Belgium Romania
10 Romania Greece
8 Finland Russia
7 Greece Denmark
6 Cyprus Belgium
5 Denmark Cyprus
4 Israel Latvia
3 Hungary Finland
2 Albania Moldova
1 Switzerland Albania

Slovenian Jury consisted by Urša Vlašič (composer of the Slovenian entries in Eurovision of 1998, 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2011), Lea Sirk (singer, took part in Slovenian national finals of 2009 and 2010), Omar Naber (singer, represented Slovenian in Eurovision 2005), Slavko Ivančić (Singer), Aleš Vovk Raay (music producer and composer, member of the Jury of the Slovenian national final 2012).

The members of the Belgian Jury were Miguel Wiels (lyricist and composer), Tom Dice (singer, represented Belgium in Eurovision 2010), Jeroen Swinnen (producer and composer of Tom Dice’s entry in 2010), Micha Marah (singer, Radio & TV presenter, represented Belgium in Eurovision 1979), Kris Wauters (lyricist and composer of the Belgian entry for the Eurovision 1991).

The names of the Irish Jury members were not announced.

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