Update: Marie N to represent Russia?!

by roel 201 views

Parlamentskaja Gazeta, a Russian newspaper, today published a remarkable interview with the well-known Latvian composer Rajmond Pauls, in which he claimed that Marie N will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

I take care of young talents and give them a lot of attention,” says Rajmond Pauls. “For example, I discovered one very talented girl in a children's home. Another girl is from the musical school of Moscow, which I have visited with my variety program. They all have very fine voices.

Soon one of my discoveries – Marija Naumova – will protect the variety honour of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest,” claimed the Latvian composer. Marija Naumova, better known as Marie N, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 with the song I wanna and hosted the contest the year after in Riga.

Daina Svabe, PR-manager of Marija Naumova however doesn't have any information that can confirm Rajmond Pauls' words. Eurowizja.com also points out that the article concerned is almost idential to an interview published on 21st May 2002 in which it mentioned Latvia (referring to Marie N's Eurovision appearance) instead of Russia. Today's story thus might turn out to be a mistake. Nevertheless, we keep investigating the matter…

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