Sheona defeats Tiana Ravi by 0,03%

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Sheona is the sixth finalist of the Ukrainian national Eurovision Song Contest selections. With I say, the singer from Kiev defeated her opponent Tiana Ravi by only 0,03%.

These are the results of the sixth semifinal in Ukraine:

1 – 23,55% | Sheona – I say
2 – 23,52% | Tiana Ravi – Pozavchora
3 – 21,67% | Ivanna Melay – Ti ne moy
4 – 16,73% | Katerina – Blues
5 – 14,53% | Khvilyu Trimay – Lito proyshlo

Sheona, a 27 year-ol singer from Kiev, made her first stage experience at the competition Chervona Ruta. Her main pleasures in life are music and sex. Sheona is the sixth semifinalist to proceed to the national final. Earlier Stand.up, NeDilya, Tayana, Ex-Presidenti and Yurcash qualified.

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